Green Sauce.jpeg

secret sauce #1

Cilantro based

Inside Momo - Veggie.jpg


 Fresh vegetables

Himalayan taste & explosions of flavor

Orange Sauce.JPG

Secret Sauce #2

Spicy tomato based


What is Momo Shack?

- Momo Shack is a DFW based pop-up brand specializing in Nepali/Himalayan dumplings, AKA momos

- Our momos are handcrafted one-by-one with lots of love & care

- The magic behind our momos is the family recipe that has been passed down and perfected throughout many generations

- “When I’m making dumplings or eating dumplings I’m never thinking about the quality of the ingredients.” — David Chang on Ugly Delicious Episode 8

What are momos?!

- Momos are a staple in Nepal and are found on every block

- From the outside, they look similar to Asian soup dumplings, but what makes momos different is what's inside

- The momos are filled with an array of fresh vegetables like cilantro, cabbage, onions and onions

- What sets them apart even more are the unique aromatic, Himalayan spices in the fillings and sauces